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Realistic Kevin Dean 12 inch Supercock
  Very big penis-shaped dildo cast directly from Kevin Dean's cock.†
Total length: approx. 30.5 cm†
  68.90 EUR

Ballsy Super Cock - Decovan Brown 10.4 inch
  This extra long dildo captivates with its perfectly detailed surface, where glans, veins and skin folds are clearly i...
  29.90 EUR

Extreme Power Engine 2.0 - Adjustable Fuck Machine
  The new Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 is a harder, better and stronger fuck machine than the beloved previous machine from ...
  489.90 EUR

Extreme Dildo Ripper Small
  Ripper Small is a dildo with a well-rounded head and a†long & extremely ribbed shaft†to provide you with easy inserti...
  21.90 EUR

Extreme Dildo Big Pete
  Big Pete is a huge black dildo available in one size from the Push Extreme collection, with brand new designs to stim...
  18.90 EUR

Extreme Dildo Phat
  Phat is a new extreme anal dildo with a huge diameter to satisfy all your fantasies and give you really exciting stre...
  39.90 EUR

Extreme Dildo Rockstar Small
  This Rockstar Small is a†great anal dildo†recommended for beginners or advanced anal players and str...
  19.90 EUR

Extreme Dildo Sugar Large
  Sugar is a Large dildo that stimulates you with its†short and wide shaft†and prominent knob at the top, followed by v...
  32.90 EUR