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9.90 EUR
Content: 15 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7

Experience the Thunder Ball Xtreme Poppers with a new and extra strong Pentyl formula and added Power Pellet for longer freshness, potent effects and long-lasting erotic sensations!

Thunder Ball Xtreme will heat you up and turn the atmosphere into a darkroom for all your extreme naughty sessions. Thanks to the potent pentyl nitrite formula, the rush starts instantly as soon as you open up the bottle and lasts for a while to get you in the best mood for deep relaxation and pleasing sensations, whether you're masturbating with poppers, trying out your brand-new XXL dildo or playing with your partner.

The Power Pellet inside acts as a molecular sieve to absorb moisture from the air, keeping your poppers fresh and potent for a longer time. Don't forget to store it on your fridge between uses if you want the bottle to stay fresh.

Turn your boring wanking session into an orgasm-fest with this poppers and its extra strong pentyl nitrite, a new formula that will take you to the max!